Grade 5 scholarship classes-4th session

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This slideshow requires JavaScript. Grade 5 Scholarship exam preparation classes (5th session) were conducted in the Tharmapuram MV, Uruthirapuram MV, Pirapanthan Aru MV in the Killinochchi / Mullaithivu area on the 26th of May 2013. Total of 236 students who are sitting for the Year 5 scholarship program, from the nominated schools and surrounding schools benefit from this initiative which will be conducted over 12 sessions. Mrs...

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Economic Welfare

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TamilAid has encouraged micro economic and agricultural rejuvenation projects. Micro Economic: examples: Milking cows, chicken runs, sewing machines, mini milling equipment, fishing boats. So far TamilAid has provided help for nearly 50 such families. Agricultural project: small scale farms, building water wells for irrigation of small farms to benefit several families. TamilAid is currently helping develop a cooperative farm in Wanni that will...

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Children Welfare

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TamilAid provides micro finance help for war widows with young children, whereby a one off economic sustenance project the families become self-sufficient. For example, by setting up chicken runs that produces enough eggs each day for family’s needs as well as to be able to sell the surplus eggs to buy food provisions for the family. So far we have helped more than 40 such families. TamilAid donated clothes, sports equipment, games, musical...

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