logoTamil Aid’s initial project is to build a Care center, school and accommodation complex for the Tsunami and civil war affected Children which has a budgeted building cost of £65,000. This project is approved by UNICEF and the local government. Any individuals, groups or companies who participate in this project will be acknowledged. In December 2004 when the Tsunami hit the children home it took away several of the children who were asleep at that time. After careful consideration and recommendation from doctors who specialize in trauma effects it was decided to re-house the survivors at a new center, set up inland especially for them.

The total cost of this rebuilding project is not within TamilAid capabilities, however, we have committed to provide at least £65,000 towards this project. Three of our team members have visited the building site at various stages of progress. In early March 2005 when it was a bear land and then in July at half way stage and then in October by when majority of the work had been completed.