To Trustees of TamilAid:
We are forwarding herewith a few photos taken at the Ceremonial Presentation Ceremony of the 30 Medical Equipments to the Premature Baby Unit Of the Jaffna Teaching Hospital which took place on last Wednesday the 7th of March 2012. The entire cost of this Land Mark Project was Rs. 650,000.000.00 (Rupees Six and a half million) and half of this was collected by us locally from our Relations and Friends and the balance half was a donation received From the Lions Clubs International Fund (LCIF).

By this service Project, we are now able to save the lives of nearly 400 babies born to undernourished mothers from Jaffna, Vavuniya, Mullaitivu and Mannar areas in the Northern Province who die of Jaundice each month. Since the Jaffna Teaching Hospital is the only hospital which has the neunatical Care in the Northern Province, the under nourished mothers are sent for deliveries to this hospital and when they babies are born, they have to be kept In Incubators or Photo-therapy units till they reach the normal weight and size.

The Hospital authorities and the people of Jaffna have expressed their whole hearted thanks to us for doing this Project thereby saving the lives of our future generation. We most sincerely wish to express our thanks for your support given to us for doing this project, May the Lord Almighty bless you and all yours for this help. Yours most affectionately, Emmanuel and Sarojini Joseph.Lions Club.