The idea is to provide each family with one cow that could yield adequate milk for the nutritional needs of the family as well as some surplus to sell and supplement their family income.

The normal breeds those are available in the North East only yield 1-2 liters of milk per day, but there are better breeds that could yield nearly 6-7 liters of milk per day.These cows are costing on average £100 each.

If you wish to provide such direct aid please contact us. We will ensure that you will receive acknowledgment from the recipient. We will purchase such high yielding varieties and supply them to the family on a shared ownership basis.

This means that the cow will belong to them only at the end of two calendar years of their keeping.
This is done to discourage the keepers from selling the cow too soon and use up the proceeds. read more

Download – Standing Order Gift Aid Donation Form
Contribute to our HSBC Bank Plc, Account 71352288, Sort Code 40 – 03 – 01 to make their Economic condition better