sri-lanka-mapIn the days following the Tsunami, many organizations and individuals approached Tamil professionals and businesses, to contribute monies solely to the people in the north and east of Sri Lanka. At the moment there was no dedicated charity in the UK to do this.

CelebrationWhile the officials, the NGO’s and individuals were doing their bit, there was a genuine need highlighted by the people in these areas, and those who visited the affected areas, that aid was not getting through to some areas in the north and east.

CelebrationBarely recovering from a 20 year civil war, paralyzed with politics and poverty, devastated by this demon wave, the state of these people are truly heartbreaking. TamilAid does not claim any political status or interest, but is simply focused on getting aid to those caught up in a political and natural calamity. The vision of TamilAid is to rise above petty politics, mind-boggling bureaucracy and personal gain.

Why is TamilAid only concentrated on the north and east of Sri Lanka? There are several aid agencies operating in Sri Lanka but due to operational convenience they all stick to the Southern parts.

CelebrationThe simple message is, if you want your donations to be solely dedicated to the people in the north and east of Sri Lanka, TamilAid will do that.

The Charity was officially formed on 31 January 2005, and was registered on the 20 March 2005 by the UK Charity Commission.