You can extend your helping hand by doing many things. Please read the below listed questions. You will get a better idea how to extend your Help.
Question: How can you help?
Ans: We are always looking for people who can give us some of their time and talent.
Forward details of our website to your friends and family members
You can send details about TamilAid to your bosses at place of work, quite often businesses have offered to provide funds for a charity project close to its staffs’ heart.

Question: What can you do for Us?
Ans: Give us your time, talent, advice and guidance.
Identify a local need in North East of SriLanka
Help monitor our projects and help us maintain accountability and transparency at all times. ie, we can provide you details of people who are seeking funds from us for a specific project and you can go and check validation before we select the project, you can help by doing a periodic check on any current works.
Link us up with your local or family based one off event to help a specific event or work or project that you like us to do.

Question: Are you willing to join in our next project?
Ans: TamilAid members and affiliates do visit our projects and spend time in our heartland. You too can join us.
Football or cricket or sports camp for children
Medical or dental or eye care workshop at orphanages,
Music or dance groups, to entertain and train children

You are welcome to group together and travel with TamilAid teams.

Question: Can we do a small project in our own village?
Ans: Yes you can; do a specific project that is close to your heart.
Say for example, to restore your local church or temple or temple or community centre or library or bus shelter.
We will help you to maximise your efforts, publicise it, ring fence the funds raised for that particular project and help you implement that in a tax efficient way. Some time we may be able to gain funding for your project from likeminded people, and sometime even top up from general funds when they are available.

Please contact us for more information.