You may wish to donate to TamilAid to mark any special occasions


  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Special birthdays
  • Funeral wakes
  • Death anniversaries
  • Alms giving
  • In memoriam


We will allocate that fund for a specific orphanage to a special meal or depending on the amount of funds we could even do a special project;

For example :

Set of solar panel at an orphanage:

£500 per pair of panels, this will illuminate the place for kids’ safety as well as provide free light during evening for kids to study. Power cuts are prevalent in the North and East of SL which disrupts kids’ education. Each panel will take 10 energy saving bulbs. 6 to 8 kids can sit under each bulb and do their studies.

With such a small budget you can make a good impact on these children’s life and wellbeing.

Musical instruments

From £50 onwards.

Due to repeated displacement initially from Jaffna to Wanni , then internally in Wanni, most schools and institutions have suffered a lot of collateral damage. It is the kids who lost our even more as musical instruments and sports equipment were least of the peoples worry as they only took the bare minimum of essential items when they were fleeing from zones of military operations.

Sports equipment and games

From £25 onwards.

Now that the people are returning to normal life, TamilAid encourages sports and music as therapy and recreation for the kids in orphanages.

So please try and buy some gifts for them.

We will buy whatever your budget can afford, provide as gifts for them and send you receipts, pictures and acknowledgement.