1.  She is in grade 9. Her Father went to work, he never came home during the war time.
  2.  She is grade 9. 4 children in the Her family. Father was disappeared during the war.
  3. He lost his hearing during the war. 5 children . All the children are studying. Very often I help them. Some times they eat only one meal.
  4. She is in grade 11. Her Father is unable to do any work, because He is very sick person.
  5. She lost her husband. 4 children. House to house she is working. Very sad to see her.
  6. She is in grade 9 .5 children in the family. Her Father was disappeared during the war.
  7. She is in grade 8. Very poor child.No 550 This family is very poor her Father is a cancer patient. We gave them a goat.

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